Folder Refresh

At the moment I have the problem that when I add a new tag to my TagProvider, I must manually “Refresh” in the designer for the new tag to show up.

I tried a few things to see if it would trigger an automatic refresh. Namely I fire a Tag Changed event on the Folder tag when a tag is added or removed. But it doesn’t seem to work… From within and extended FolderTag:

s.getListener().tagChanged(new TagChangeEvent(this.path, this, null));

I also tried with folder.addTag() to no avail.

Anyone have success with this?


Are you adding each folder individual down the path first? I think there is an outstanding ticket for the refresh problem when adding deeper paths directly, such as “Path/to/my/tag”. When a tag gets added, the tree refreshes for its parent, but in the case where the parent doesn’t exist, or was just added along with that tag, it doesn’t properly propagate it up to the root. If you just add a folder to the root, does it refresh? And then if you add one under that?