FONT doesn't seem to work for the slider

I have several sliders on my page and want to change the font (the scale numbers built into the slider).

None of the FONT properties seem to work for the slider!

Am I doing something wrong?


You’re not missing anything. The font property encapsulates the text, font size, bold, etc. You can’t directly bind to the font size. My guess is that you can change the size with Jython. I’ll check how you do this and post back.

Nathan - I don’t think he wants to bind the font to anything - he just wants to change the font, plain and simple!

John - I have verified that indeed, the slider’s font property doesn’t seem to do anything. This will be fixed in the next maintenance release, 2.1.5, scheduled for release next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Oh - I misinterpreted the question.

Very Good,