Font Issue in Vision Client

Hi all,
I’m experiencing the following issue: pages show different fonts depending on the way I launch the application. If I launch the application from the designer with the Tools-Launch project-Full screen command all fonts are showing correctly (all fonts are logical fonts of type Dialog) - next some examples
On the contrary if I launch the application by means of the Clientlauncher fonts appear differently (biggest problem is that labels are no more sized correctly!!!) - next the examples
If you pay attention, also the system java icon in the last dialog titlebar looks different.
Any idea?

Ignition versione: 7.9.11 (b2019060313)
OS: Windows 10 - english (italian language pack also installed)
Processor: Intel Celeron N3160
Graphic processor: Intel HD Graphics 400

Thanks in advance, regards

The font is different when launching using the client launcher because you’re using our embedded Java, which has its own font stack and rendering code (and can’t use some proprietary fonts that Oracle’s Java uses). Try upgrading to 7.9.12 - there are some font rendering issues that are resolved in that version.

The “web launch” link does render the same because webstart uses your local system’s version of Java.

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Many thanks Mr Griffith, tomorrow I will try to upgrade Ignition version.

Hi Mr Griffith, unfortunately tha was not the solution.
I could go the way with the web launch, but then I have 2 problems:

  1. I cannot use web launch in autostart, because the gateway running status is reached long after windows startup and in the meanwhile you cannot issue any web launch command. So I cannot place the web launch icon in the shell:startup folder.
  2. when I double click the web launch icon, I get a security warning about the java application and there is no option to tell the system not to show that boring message again.

I cannot find any good solution just now: do you have any more suggestion?

Thanks again, regards

Just an FYI ( this may or may not help, yet the knowledge gained may… )
( You would need to add the h in https, that is a story about links and this forum ).
https:/ re: e-mail may be a good option.
Best regards.

I recently upgraded from 7.9.10 to .12 and I have the same problem with the ClientLauncher. Is there a fix to this problem yet?

You mean the font being different?

Yes, not the best example of the difference but you can tell how the font difference affects how the objects react. Font_Change

Yeah, the font did change, and it was intentional (because it was unavoidable).

In 7.9 you can continue to launch using WebStart (JNLP files). In both 7.9 and 8.0 you can uncheck the “use bundled JRE” option and make sure you have an Oracle Java installed to launch with.