Font rendering issue with PDF viewer

I store pdf BLOB in my DB. PDF is generatd in my report module with :

bytes ="WeekReportV4", project="home", parameters=reportParameters, fileType="pdf")

Then I put it in a PDF Viewer with :

event.source.parent.getComponent('PDF Viewer').loadPDFBytes(bytes, title)

The viewer show me this :

Do you know this issue ?

The boxes indicate a problem rendering a font - specifically, that the font being used does not have representations for the characters it’s attempting to display. What font are those components in the report set to use?


Ttile’s fonts are Segoe UI Semibold and Segoe UI Black.
Footer’s font is Arial.
Fonts in tables and charts are Dialog.

When I use Arial for all report. It works perfectly.
For example Arial Black is not works.
It reduces a lot the font’s choice.

It’s a limitation of the way we generate reports - the backing library does not support font embedding inside generated PDFs, so it relies on the fonts already in the system. There’s no real workaround, other than installing all required fonts at all locations these report PDFs might be viewed.

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Is there an other way to generate PDF in python ?

No, not really, unfortunately. You’d have to create a module that includes your own PDF generation code.