Font Scaling seems to be component dependent

I have some users that have recently acquired some high resolution laptops - 3880x2640 as opposed to the 1910x1080 that i typically design for. PRoblem is, some thng scale as one would expect, but other things definitely do not - I have everything relaive anchor with Scale Font checked (though I’ve played with various combinatons of settings:

here’s a shot of a screen on my 1366x768 laptop

and here’s one tiny corner of a screen on one of the high res laptops:

I fixed the table by using the power table, which, for whatever reason handles such things properly, but the labels and the axis tick marks to name a couple are so tiny as to be unreadable. I quite understnad that they are the right number of pixels and on those laptops pixels are microscopic - but understanding the why doesn’t make to any more palatable to my users.
Any tips /tricks in this regard??

On the high DPI client machines, try using Java 9 + Native Client Launchers.

Java 9 is supposed to have better high DPI support (better as in it exists).

This is not the problem of Java, but some components in Ignition (in fact quite a few) doesn’t scale well (or not at all).
I hope in Ignition 8 this will be better… :pray:

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I’ve just found that one way to fix it on a windows machine is to set the display scaling to 300%… what this does to other party’s apps and whether my users will switch remains to be seen:

Note that the app in question was written with 1366x768 in mind…