Font sizing and datasource connections

Two questions I was wondering:

  1. Is there a way to monitor the gateway connection and should the connection go down, log why it went down. I ask because we have had a few gremlins sneak in where for some reason the datasource went to fail and it would not re-attach automatically. So in this case instead of the red boxes popping up all over the place and incrementing the amount of errors I could have it log the problem and also shut down the FPMI application. Is this possible?

  2. In the line of font sizing, is there a way to control it by using a where statement. I have some drop down menus and some of the foreign names are quite long and if they are selected I want to use a smaller font so that all the data fits in the box. So my if statment might be something like IF(LEN(EmployeeName)>22 THEN font size = 8 ELSE font size = 10

Thanks and have a great day.

  1. You can check the Gateway error log (C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactoryPMI\logs) for log information. Shutting down the app on an error would be a bad idea. I’m afraid most people would call this “crashing”.

  2. You could try using HTML, maybe like this:

SELECT IF LEN(EmployeeName)>22 THEN '<HTML><SMALL>' || EmployeeName ELSE EmployeeName END .. (rest of SELECT)

Hope this helps,