For the Module Developers

So before we go the custom paid module route with Inductive.
I thought I would throw this out there to the developers.
We use the Document viewer to display help files and documentation from a SQL table inside the application.
It is very basic and is just html formatted text.

We are looking to have a WYSIWYG module developed for use inside of the Ignition system.
Currently we just shell out to a web browser and run the editor there.

What I would like to see is just the editor inside of an Ignition page.
It doesn’t have to use bound fields or tags.
All it would have to do is allow editing of the text, and expose the underlying html text for use in inserting, updating, etc.

If someone would want to develop this, please either post a reply here or you can send me a private message with a quote. Please quote both custom development cost and/or quote development where you could resell the module as well.