Force authentication outside IP Range

I am wanting to setup my perspective project so that if we are on our local network the project would be accessible without authentication. If a user is connecting to the project outside of our network, it would force them to authenticate.

I have setup a security zone specifying our networks and can change the project to that zone and it works however I can't find a way to specify and 'If' statement to check that. With the project only allowing "One of these security levels" or "All" how can you run some sort of If/Else for something like this?

Hi @Calvin_Piche,

Do you currently have one security zone for both networks? You may need to configure this with one security zone for the "local network" and one security zone for the "outside of the network" instead.

Then you'd be able to use different security rules for each zone depending on the IP the user is connecting from.

Hey Ben,
I currently have one security zone designated for our internal IPs. My question is around the project itself. If I assign the project to be 'Authenticated', no matter if its in the security zone or not it makes the user sign in. If I assign it to just that security zone it will not work externally. There is the option to specify that it must adhere to 'One of these' when selecting the zones but I would like to stipulate the order so that if its not in the security zone then it will go to authenticated.