Force Default Value "<Select One>" in the Dropdown List

How do I force “Select One” to show up on each of the “Dropdown List” components so I can select the wildcard (*) in my Query when there is no selection? I want the “Select One” to be the default value for the “Dropdown List” components.

I am using the “Dropdown Lists” to filter out data results in my Query. If the user does not select the value, I will bring in all the data related to the column in my table.

I am attaching an example. I hope someone can give me some help.

Thank you.

I think all you need to do is set Selected Value = -1

If that doesn’t work and you’re using a script then try None (Python’s null).

None of the options you recommended works. I came up with a solution. I will add a Check Box for each of my selections. When it is True, I disable the selection of the dropdown list and replace its value with *. then pass the * to my query. Otherwise, I would use the dropdown selection value if it is not checked. See the attached example.

The * in SQL is used to call all columns from a table. Based on your explication, you’re giving the wildcard a bad usage.

That is the correct answer.

You’re probably confused, to force the “Default Value” you need a reset action after a selection is made. Use a reset button for example and target to .selectedValue and set it to -1.

Do you see that one that says 0?

Change it to -1 in your reset action. Why -1? is because the No Selection Value is -1.

When Selected Value = No Selection Value, you will see the No Selection Label

Pretty sure on a dropdown you will need to use .selectedIndex = -1, not selectedValue. And since it isn’t bindable, you probably need to use a propertyChange event monitoring componentRunning.