Force easy chart to re-read DB pens data

I have an easy chart displaying data in historical mode. Some data come from Tag Pens, some more from DB Pens. Data coming from DB Pens are calculated based on the chart start date and end date. Start date and end date are set using two popup calendars. When the operator set a new value:

  1. I calculate the DB Pens value and populate a SQL Server table with them
  2. I set the start date/end date of the chart accordingly.
    By doing that, the chart is forced to read the new data from the SQL Server table.
    But if the operator uses the bar underneath the chart to set the time range, I cannot do calculations before setting the chart time range: is there a way to force the easy chart to read the DB Pens data exactly when I want?

Thanks in advance, regards

Not sure it’s the best method, but if I call the updateUI() method (not documented!) on the Easy Chart object, I get the plot updated as desired.
Any better solution?