Force fail-over via command shell

Due to weekly issues that my server is running out of memory (java issues), i would like to restart my Ignition server.

Ignition 7.8.4 (redundant) is running on a Windows Server 2012R2 machine.

But before I can restart my server, I have to force fail-over to the backup. Now I do this via the Ignition web-page => “Configure” tab. I would like to know I can can start the force fail-over via the command line / command shell.

In that case I can force the fail-over via a script running on my server, wait till all users are moved to the backup server, restart the master server and after a while when Ignition is up and running all connected users will automatically move back to the master server.

Someone familiar with this?

I’ve never used the command line to force failover. The web interface has always worked for me. I hope your deliberate fail-over is to both upgrade to 7.8.5 and to activate G1GC.

Yeah, this really seems like the wrong way to solve this problem. I would get in contact with support and try to get the actual problem (server memory) resolved (although as Phil pointed out, it could be as simple as updating and changing your GC algorithm).

I have the same problem.
I need to change the master/backup when the communication between redundant edge with redundant ignition is lost.
O need to use the backup network.
With version8.0.7 is possible?

Where can I find this command line and help ?
I’ve look into documentation but can’t find anything.

My purpose is to automate failover tests by script instead of a manual procedure.

My comment was to suggest that it couldn’t be done that way.

I understand that but does this command exist ?

Unfortunately, this capability isn’t available from the gwcmd utility, which is the CLI program that you can use to drive some other gateway functions externally.

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