Force Gateway to Trial Mode Expired

Hi everyone,

We are in the process of testing the licensing system for our module and it’s become apparent that we could speed up testing if there was a way to force the trial mode to expire.

Is there a way to do this? Otherwise, does anyone have any tips on speeding up this process?


Return the licence back to IA. Gateway, config, license, unactivate

Thanks for your response. Apologies, my original question was phrased incorrectly.

Yes I see you edited your post from “licensed” to “trial mode expiration”, ehm, dunno, try advance the PC clock?

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DEMOTIMEREMAINING is an integer stored in the SysProps table in the IDB. You could construct a .gwbk with a minimal demo time remaining. (Or just modify it and restart the gateway, if it’s a test system).

And, before anyone gets any fun ideas - setting it higher than 2 hours will be ignored :slight_smile:

Technically, you don’t have to restart the gateway - there’s a method on the implementation of LicenseManager that’ll expire the trial then-and-there. However, I don’t know how well tested that is, and it relies on an internal class that’ll be annoying to access from scripting/your module.