Force Quality Overlay On Templates

I am trying to force good quality on my template quality overlay.

I have a template that is used for several devices and some of the devices are different and don’t have all of the same tags. When the tag doesn’t exist for a numeric display I simply hide it.

The problem is that even when I force good quality to the numeric display items (that are hidden) the entire template has a quality overlay of ‘tag not found’ (#404).
Is there anyway to bypass the template quality overlay or opt-out of the quality overlay just like in other items binding settings?

We ended up creating new templates for each devices different parameters. Interestingly enough when we changed the template path from the properties to the new correct template the Quality Overlay #404 still remained on the template.
After much aggravation and playing with the template we found that what we had to do was delete the entire template off of the window and re-add it. Once we re-added the template the bad quality tags went away.
Just thought I’d let everyone know.

Were you seeing that bad quality overlay while designing the template or in the instances?

Another way you could handle this is by using the “forceQuality” expression when binding to a tag that may not be there.