Force SSL Redirect

I have SSL set up and enabled, the SSL covers subdomains.

My server is cloud based and I have a domain name set up. In the DNS I have subdomains that re-direct to the full perspective URL. So points to this works well and the SSL works, even if i go to it directs to the secured project.

If I try and mask the URL in the DNS, it loads the non-secure page. So i still point to but I enable URL masking and call it Project1. This works in the sense the project loads up, the URL shows, the page title shows Project1 but its non secure.

With SSL redirect turned on in the config why does it still let non secure projects load up and work ? Im on nightly build b2019111502

To ‘stop’ people from getting to the gateway by modifying the URL I set ‘Homepage redirect URL’ to our companies main website. I then have another redirect set up like that directs to the /web/config URL. Unless someone knows the domain name needs /web on the end or knows the Ip address in theory they cant get to the config pages.That wont stop the pro but will stop the average office person from being nosey, plus they would need the right credentials to log in to the gateway anyway.

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