Force Tag Historian to use tag path case

By default, the tag historian adds tags into the SQL table and forces lower-case on the tag path. When displaying this tag path to the user, whether it’s via a tag treeview component or otherwise, this looks unprofessional and often makes the tag paths difficult to read (especially if you’ve used CamelCase).

Is it possible to force Tag Historian not to lower the case? I’m thinking about updating the entries within the sqth_te table… but it’s not going to be fun!

Expect breakage if you edit sqlth_te. I’d expect the historian to be using efficient case-sensitive indices, which requires normalizing the case. But those are small tables, so it might not be too bad. Consider putting this on the ideas site.

We add fields to the sqlth_te table for tagname and group name.
We then fill these in with scripting from the Tooltip field of the history tag.
Then we use a scripted Treeview to display the tags for the end users.
This way we control the displayed name for the tags in a manner the operators understand.


Sounds like a good idea! I haven’t tried scripting a tree view. Do you offer filtering of tags to the operator? If so, how fast is the refresh rate of your tree view?
I’ve been using a simple List box which just queries the tag table, so filtering is super fast as it’s just am sql query filter. Without a filter for the sites I work at (wineries with many tanks), it would be a frustrating experience for the operators to add tags

Same way as you are doing it, the treeview datasource is a query. :slight_smile: