Forced/Manual ways to change data on the output tags

Hello. I am trying to find ways by which we could manually/force and re-write the data values on the output tags via ignition or node-red or ignition designer. Please help me with it and thank you very much.

  • If the tags are visible in the Tag Browser you can change the values directly there.
  • You can add buttons, sliders or text field components to a Perspective view or a Vision window to change the tag. You bind the component to the tag and it updates with the component value.

This assumes that there is nothing else (PLC program, for example) overwriting the tag values.

Thank you @Transistor but I am looking for ways to do that without the ignition designer.

Option 2 (Perspective view or Vision window) does that as they create an application that runs independently of Ignition Designer.

If that doesn’t suit then I think you need to edit your original question to make it much more clear what problem you are trying to solve.

May want to edit your post if that is not actually what you want. What do you mean by “output tags”? Like @Transistor said, providing more detail on what you are trying to accomplish with will help get better answers.