Forcing first value read

Hello, I’ve already posted a quite similar question, anyway this question is more specific.
I have a leased tag group set with a rate = 0 and a leased rate = 1 sec, which means that the tag will be read only if the tag is in the HMI. On gateway startup, the related tags will be set with the “uncertain value” overlay, because they’re not already been updated.
Given this context, is there a way to force a first value read for a tag on this tag group, only from scripting, without having to set it on the HMI?
Many thanks in advance.

Sounds like you may need to use this function in a Gateway startup script, though I haven’t tested in your context:

Huh. Hadn’t noticed that addition. Thanks, Jonathan.

Many thanks! didn’t know about this one, I will test it as soon as possible!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work: the problem here is that on a leased tag group the rate on a particular tag switches from the basic rate (0) to the leased rate only when it’s bind and loaded in a view: it seems there’s no other way to force that, or at least I haven’t found it.

I did wonder if that wouldn’t be useful to you, apologies