Format specific text in power table cell

Hey everyone,

I've got a downtime events table. When users enter in downtime reasons they can leave notes. After some actions, I've got a script where the system can generate automatic notes to attach to the downtime record (e.g. "user edited record at 00:00", "user changed reason"). Customer wants to keep these system generated notes in addition to the operator entered notes which are currently held in the same notes column in sql, but it can get cluttered if the same event is messed with multiple times. Our proposed solution is formatting the system generated text to be bold or italic in the notes column and leave the manual notes non-formatted. My usual go-to of adding html headers to the text failed as the headers just show up as plain text in the column. Searching the forum, I've only found the ability to format the cell as a whole, which I don't want. Is it possible to format (bold/italic) just certain parts of a string in a power table cell?

TL;DR: a single power table cell can have multiple system-generated and user-entered notes. I want to distinguish between the two by making on text type bold. How do?

picture of snippet chicken scratch example

I'm not sure i understand what do you mean with:

Is it something like this?

You're using Vision, right?

Yes, I'm using vision. Ignition v8.1.24. This is what happens when I do it:


I've no idea what to do then

Is your table component a regular table component or a power table?

Power Table

When I have a new power table component and shove data in there it works. Disabled the configure cell script on the downtime table and it still shows the html as plain text. Guess I'll disable one thing at a time

It's word wrap :neutral_face:. Must pre-format the text behind the scenes and that's why the html tags are showing up

@Kevin.Herron sorry for the ping. Before I spend time working up my own solution: are html tags showing up in word-wrapped power table cells a bug or just a known and unfortunate tradeoff?