Format string of OPC tag goes away when OPC tag is bind to a custom property

I'm facing a problem with the format of a OPC tag. The tag has a float value with the following format: ##0,## and shows as follows: 14.42, but when I bind it to a custom property the whole format goes away. Anyone that knows a solution to this?

It should be this:

Create an expression binding.


Now it rounds the number off but still has all the decimals behind it.
This is the format I'm using

I notice that your format string uses a decimal point (dot) but your display is using European comma decimal seperator. Is this a locale issue, I wonder?

Sorry for the late reaction. But for some reason if you give the value of a tag a format and then give a custom property that tag, the tag format is gone. but when I make another custom property and make the following expression:
numberFormat( {[Test SCADA Ignition]Action/Action10/hmi/tolMin}, {[Test SCADA Ignition]Action/Action10/hmi/tolMin.FormatString} )
and then bind this custom property to the first custom property I made the format does work.

Yes, the format should only be used for display. The true value would always be passed otherwise which is usually what is required.