Format text with Bold, Underline, Italics, Bullets and more

I would like to allow users to enter formatted text into some sort of text field and have it stored in our database. Is there any component that allows Bold/Underline/Italics/Bullets/etc. formatting? Similar to the options available here in the forum when composing a post!

Any ideas?

Not for editing, no. The Document Viewer component can display rich text, but it’s not an editor. The most notable prospect for such a thing in Ignition would be if someone licensed JWord for distribution in a module… (-;

A true WYSIWYG editor would be a great addition inside of Ignition and something I would be willing to pay extra for.
As it stands now, we have a web site on the server using a WYSIWYG editor for doing our help pages for the applications.
We then use the Document viewer to display them based on the ID of the record.

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Supporting markdown or some similar language (which compiles to HTML, and HTML can be displayed by the document viewer) could be good enough.

Those languages are generally made to be readable in source format (f.e. when you want to underline something, type a row of dashes below the line). So they are easy to discover or learn by example, and not as hard to support as full WYSIWYG.

Hi guys,
Is there any update on this? Or does anyone have an idea of how this could be implemented?

Following is my basic thought process:
I would like my users to be able to add notes through a text field, and also format it if needed(like adding bullet points, or changing color of selected text), then click a “save” button which will write to a tag (stringNote) that saves the notes.
Finally I want to send stringNote as an email body for reporting. Currently I’ve been able to use html tags as prefix and suffix so that it can atleast make all the notes organised.
But formatting the text seems to be much more complex.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Vote to get this idea “WYSIWYG editor component in Vision” into motion here:

Given a dozen or so commitments, I’d be open to wrapping JWord (linked above) in a module priced around $500.

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Yes, that would be good too. Would that need to be a new request on the Ideas page?

No, just notice to me (privately if you wish) that you are serious about purchasing if/when it becomes available.

Sure will do