Format Timestamp in Table not working

I have a table that is being populated from returned dataset using system.db.createSProcCall. One of the column in the table is a date/time, but the table customizer will not reformat the column. when i view the data set in the designer and look at the column type it says Timestamp. How can i format the date in this column?

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After you change the date time format in the date formats window are you selecting ok on that window? I have been trying to recreate this here without any luck. The only way that it will not change the date and time format is if I select ok on the table customizer window before selecting ok in the date format window.

that does not seem to be the problem. See if you can reproduce the problem with the attached window.
TimestampFormatIssue.proj (41.1 KB)

Hmmm, its still not performing like you stated. What version of Ignition are you using? I have Ignition 7.5.1 installed on my machine, I am reattaching your table if you would like to take a look at it. But, keep in mind that you will need Ignition 7.5.1 or newer to view it.
test_TimestampFormatIssue_2012-08-07_1331.proj (41.2 KB)

we are running 7.4.3. i will try the issue on my development machine.

The problem is when you use system.db.createSProcCall, system.db.execSProcCall, and getResultSet() and the returned dataset has a date the table customizer will not format the date column.

I have changed my code for the time being to call the stored procedure using system.db.runPrepQuery. I then convert the Python dataset returned into a Ignition dataset using system.dataset.toDataSet().

now the date column will format in the table.

Cool, glad to hear you got it to work the way you wanted it to.