Format value in meter

How do I format the value that shows up in a meter? I am monitoring a SQLTag, type float. I want to display exactly one decimal place, but don’t see how to do that. Thanks.

Good question. Looks like we aren’t exposing the number format that affects the meter value display. We’ll get that in the next release.

Until then, you can hide the display by placing an opaque numeric label over it that is bound to the meter’s value, and format that one any way you please.


You can force your tag value to one decimal place using an expression such as:round({[]Your Tag}, 1) #where 1 is the number of decimal places
But this may not be what you want because it will also limit the precision of the needle.

Yeah, that will sort of work, exept that 24.0 would display as 24 - currently the meter will only display decimal places if they are significant.