Formatted Text Field hot update problem

I have a Formatted Text Field with its committedValue linked bidirectionally to a client tag. When I change the Field the new value is written to the tag.

However, when I carry out a hot update or close and re-open the window the Field does not show the value in the tag, even though the committedValue is set correctly. There seems to be a disconnect between the Field’s text and committedValue properties. At the moment I am having to manually set the Field’s text property in the window’s internalFrameActivated event.

This has been fixed in the beta of 7.1.7 beta-1 that is currently up on the development downloads page.

That fix works well.

Just one further point - when you enter a normal text field all the text it contains is highlighted. When you enter a formatted text field the cursor is positioned where it was last without selecting any text. Would it be better to have the same approach in both?

Yeah, it should select all I think.