Formatting Issue with Report using Excel

Thanks to prior comments I was able to build a functional report that was exactly as requested. There is a possibility though that the report will be needed in excel instead of pdf as it is right now.

Currently this is what my design looks like for the report. It uses a table for data and two simple tables for the header that displays the static tag names, and the footer that displays the avg, max, and min for the displayed data.

The pdf format is working fine as seen below, but when it comes to the excel sheet the tables are out of order.

There are 3 pages of the report, this is page 1. It has the table, then the footer, then the header.

Pages 2 and 3 have the same format where it has the footer, then the header, then the table

I am not quite sure why there is a difference in the pages on the excel sheet, but the end goal is to make the excel sheet read like the design page/pdf does, going in order with the header, then the table, then the footer.

Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated, thank you very much!