Formatting mqtt payload values to not overwrite one another

Hello, Not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I have 2 values publishing under 1 folder as seen here. They are publishing at different times.
Screenshot 2024-06-05 161549
In MQTT explorer they are seen as one topic which is fine but is there a way for me to display both values simultaneously. For example here I can only see the value for machine1

and when the value change time aligns I can see both machine1 and machine2 at the same time like so

Is there a way for me to keep the format/structure as above for each value change where both values show regardless if one of them has not been updated? I want the values displayed side by side all the time.
Hope that makes sense and any help appreciated.

That's because you're using Sparkplug B and it only publishes values when they change. As long as you're using a compatible sparkplug B client on the receiving side (for example the Engine module), this will be transparent and won't matter. (Make sure you set up the Primary Host ID the same on both ends so that in the event of a lost connection, your transmitters will re-birth and publish all current values.

If you don't want to use sparkplug B, I believe you'd have to switch to a custom namespace to get all values to always show, but I may be wrong as I always use sparkplug B as it provides a lot of helpful features.

Edit: Essentially, you have to have more topics so they don't overwrite each other.
Edit 2: You didn't specify if you're using this for home use or business use. If for home use, you'll probably want to switch over to a custom namespace to make life easier. If using it for business/industrial and the other end talks Sparkplug B, I wouldn't worry about what you see in MQTT explorer as what matters is what comes out the other end. I also typically enable gzip compression, alias tags, and convert UDTs to tags which really makes the data unreadable in MQTT explorer, but saves bandwidth on poor signal quality cell modems in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m using this for business and it’s a bit tricky because normally I wouldn’t mind much about it’s appearance in MQTT explorer however I’m inputting this data to another application. The application doesn’t recognise machine2 as publishing data as it updates less than machine1, the machine2 data only shows up for a few seconds then disappears again. This is why I thought having them show simultaneously would make it easier to identify in the other application.