Formatting Report Fields


I have a query that returns a dataset that is being used in a PDF report. I’m having trouble formatting a datetime field in the report details and noticed that in my dataset the column is defined as a string. I’m using a MySQL database and bringing the t_stamp back by using from_unixtime(t_stamp/1000) and it looks like this in the dataset:

2013-05-09 04:23:53
I want the report to format to MMMM d, yyyyy (May 9, 2013)

So my question is:
Is there a way to convert this string in the report so I can format it as a date?
Is there a way to change the datatype of a dataset column (string to date)?
OR do I need modify my query in some way so that Ignition knows it’s a datatype date when creating the dataset from the query?



SELECT from_unixtime(t_stamp, '%M %d, %Y')


Chris, formatting the date in the query itself worked great. Thank you.