Forms Digitization

Is there a way to use Ignition with similar functionality to that of Adobe Acrobat or GoFormz? I have 2,000 forms that need to be digitized, and the best way to do this with the limited time I have is by using a goformz, but I need to house that data so that Ignition can report on it. Which I will need a 3rd party site like goformz to allow a connection to the DB they are using to store the forms.

What I have done is, created a report with the report module with a pdf of the form, added variables on top of the form in the report, and then used that report in the report viewer in perspective, added input fields on the same perspective view and linked the values of these fields to the variables in the report.

However, I would just simply like to import the PDF and interactively draw on top of the PDF, similarly to goformz. If I can make a connection to the DB being used by goformz and use an inline frame to allow the perspective user to fill out the forms, that could work, but then I might run into licensing issues as far as costs are concerned.

I haven’t done this, but check the link in this thread below
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