Forum autologin and subscriptions not working

Whatever happened recently with the new site, the checkbox for auto-login in the forum does not seem to be working. (It used to auto-log me in even when my computer shutdown or hibernated.)

Also, I did not receive an email about someone replying to a thread that I am subscribed to. (It used to auto-subscribe you to a thread and then email you once when someone responded to that thread since your last post/read.)


You’ll also need to look into auto-including the sid in the URL (which is probably a new cookieless sessionid) when linking to other forum topics. In my above post, for example, since it is not reading the current user’s sessionid, you have to “relogin”. to see the post when you click on it.

Any update on these issues? Having it not remember me isn’t as much of an issue and not being able to attach files…

Looks like the image/attachment uploads are working now.
Still trying to figure out what’s up with the auto-login and subscription stuff, should be able to get it squared away soon.

I am now getting emails from topics I am subscribed to.

However an image the Kyle Chase uploaded to the forum is still not being displayed: viewtopic.php?p=45354&sid=7e1357a2354158a8497d42a4f0f80cf4#p45354

My experience is the same as Nick’s. Subscriptions have been working for several days now. I noticed some people still complaining about uploading images recently, but if the uploads have only been working very recently then all we have now is the auto-login and the session ids.

OK, auto-logins are back in action, and the issues with emails/subscriptions should be ironed out as well.

Nick, I’m not sure what happened to Kyle Chase’s image. That one in particular seems to have gotten lost somewhere. I’ll see if I can locate it.

Yay, thanks Mike.