Forward Slash in Alarm Name

I am trying to put a forward slash in the name of an alarm. For example…

But on the alarm status table, the alarm name prints out “CONV100 Motor Overload Fault”. Essentially everything after the forward slash. Is there a way to resolve this?

I would probably file this as a bug with the alarm system. Lets take the following tag structure.
[default]Folder 1/alarm.

This tag has 1 single alarm, PE/Test Alarm.

I am guessing most of this issue are caused by the fact that Ignition uses forward slashes in its tag structure. The source of the alarm would look like this. Inspecting the alarm gives us the following information.

Display Path: 
Display Path Or Source: Folder 1/alarm/PE/Test Alarm
Full Item Path: default/Folder 1/alarm/PE
Item Path: PE
Item Name: PE
Name: Test Alarm
Source: prov:default:/tag:Folder 1/alarm:/alm:PE/Test Alarm

If the alarm status component uses the Source property to derive its information, then this would probably not be an issue, because there is a clear distinction there. However, my guess is the name property is derived from the conjoined source as a path, so Folder 1/alarm/PE/Test Alarm, and it is taking the last “object” after the last / in the path. I also find it weird that Item Path and Item Name are the same. Maybe IA can chime in, but at this point, I do not think you can display the name of the alarm with a / in it, unless you set the Display Path.