FPMI Client on a Netbook

I’m wondering if anyone has tried running the FPMI Client on a Netbook? If you have what netbook did you use and what was your experience with it?

Hi Pat,

Don’t know if it’s been tried, yet, but there was a topic on it earlier here in the forums.


I had read that topic, but they were looking at running everything (FSQL, FPMI, MySQL) on a netbook, I’m interested in just running the FPMI Client on a netbook.

There is an ARM release of Java SE 6, so it should work fine. Don’t have a netbook lying around to try it on, but next time I get my hands on one I’ll try it out.

I think all the netbooks run on the Intel Atom now anyway…

The one I played with was an ASUS machine running XP pro. According to Wikipedia, over 90% ship with XP. FactoryPMI will work fine.