FPMI database questions

Dropdown menu questions.

Is it possible to have the data from a drop down box come from two databases?

Ex: Say the one database is going to be the assignements. So that when a page is displayed in FMPI it will display what is in table1. Now you need to change the information in that display cell and the display cell is a dropdown type. SO you click on the arrow to open up the drop down, now you will see the data from table2. Once you select a piece of data from table2 that will now populate the proper cell in table1 so the next time when you open up table1 thru this display and assignements page it will display the last data that populated that cell.

So how easy is something like this?

You should be able to accomplish what you’re asking for. It is possible how you described it, but would probably be more easily implemented differently.

Using the same dropdown list object for 2 different levels of selection isn’t simple to set up regardless of whether the data is coming from a single database or multiple databases. In either case you would need to use scripting to populate the second level of selection since binding to an SQL database works via a single static SQL query.

That said, I think accomplishing your intent is straightforward enough. It’s typical to use multiple levels of selection with separate components. For example:

  1. The 1st dropdown list might display possible assignment options, populated by the assignments database.
  2. After selecting the assignment, the options on the second dropdown list get populated by the parts database, which represent parts that were used on the selected assignment.

That said, we usually use separate tables in a relational database for that purpose. There is no reason that the data couldn’t come from separate databases, but the data should probably be related.