fpmi.system.invokeLater problem


We are using ‘fpmi.system.invokeLater()’ function in propertyChange event of table Component on our window. We set this Window ‘Open on Startup’ (since, we want to show the window first).

When We log out from the Project We are getting the following error:

Traceback (innermost last): File "<event:propertyChange>", line 11, in runLater ValueError: No session found. You must re-login.

How can we resolve this problem ?

You can add a try block around your code inside the function:

def doLater(event=event): import fpmi try: do something except: pass # no op
Try this out.

What does the property change script do? I suspect you’re not protecting your property change script to only handle a single property correctly.

Actually, we are trying to get OPC Tag values in Table Component.

Travis, After using try block also We are getting same problem on project logout. I think the problem is related to Sessions.

Yes the problem is due to sessions. You’ve logged out - you don’t have a session, and yet you’ve told the system to do something “later”. You can’t do that, it will fail because you are no longer logged in.

Thank you Carl