FPMI Window List

I currently have a window “Working Audit List” that is a manually entered db of every bug in our project. I would like to create a dropdown list of the windows contained in our project to avoid any missunderstandings of WHICH window is in question. Is this possible? or am i just being to lazy?

:unamused: -Chris

p.s. if you would like to see what i’m talking about, i could give you the link so you could see the project for yourself.

I don’t think there is a built in function that gets all window names in a project. Perhaps someone knows a sneaky way of accomplishing this…

If this ends up as a feature request, it would be cool to have access to the designer thumbnail of the windows as well.

Thanks for the reply Nathan. I would love your take and maybe ideas on the project we are developing. If you’d like, you could always take a look :laughing:

Sorry, there currently isn’t any access to the list of window names. This would be a simple feature to add, though, so I’d expect it before too long.

Thanks Carl. I appreciate that. Just let me know what you find out.


This will be in 3.3.1.