<freemodule> Tag 7.8

I’ve tried adding the tag to under the bit in pom.xml. Changes to the description and other things like the module name seem to make it to the final modl file. It doesn’t seem this option is specified in any of the example modules unless it is specified elsewhere. Why doesn’t the tag end up as part of my module’s module.xml file?

It looks like it might be case-sensitive… so try


Unfortunate oversight.

Still doesn’t seem to make it through. This is an excerpt from my pom.xml:

<moduleId>mymodule</moduleId> <moduleName>My Module</moduleName> <moduleDescription> My Module </moduleDescription> <moduleVersion>${project.version}</moduleVersion> <requiredIgnitionVersion>7.8.0</requiredIgnitionVersion> <requiredFrameworkVersion>7</requiredFrameworkVersion> <freeModule>true</freeModule> <licenseFile>license.html</licenseFile> <documentationFile>doc/index.html</documentationFile>

I realized my ignition maven plugin was at version 1.0.5 and I changed it to 1.0.9. This seems to have fixed the issue.