Freeze couple columns in perspective table component from query

Is there a way to freeze couple columns in a perspective table component from query?

I want to keep the date and machine name columns visible on left when panning the table if possible.

I saw another post on this, but I didn’t see an answer, and it switched topics part way through, so I didn’t want to add to that one.

Not currently.

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I might for now, repeat the machine name and date column somewhere in the middle of the table, 800px or more from the left.

i might know something, but first… how do i make the columns scrollable xD

For me, if my table is wider than my container, then the table will become scrollable, if I have the pager/pagination turned off.

I usually have a flex container about 1800px, and then my table will have columns with width specified. Also, I set the table component width to more than that total of the column individual widths.

yeah nvm i found it, and it doesnt work xd

looking back at the code i remember i tried this before…

i found the post, you can kinda mimic a table with a sticky column like this: