Freeze Table Header

Is it possible to "freeze" the header of a table? Want to be able to achieve the same functionality as the "freeze" in excel. Thank you.

You can make your own header and simply place it above the table, and simply hide the auto generated one, and if you use bindings to the same source dataset, it should even be able to be fairly dynamic.

Table headers are by default "frozen" in both perspective and vision. :thinking:

The Perspective Table component's header is always "frozen".

Table header scrolling

If you mean, 'Is it possible to "freeze" rows in a Perspective table?', then no.

As a workaround you could use two tables, the upper one with the frozen rows and the second one with no headers. This might be acceptable if,

  • You don't need horizontal scrolling.
  • The "frozen" table rows don't need variable height (although this might be fixable).
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Guess I should have had enough data in the table to realize this!