Frequency fault list

So i already got a list of how many times and how long the fault took place. I want to sort them by frequency and not display the ones that do not occur at that moment. is there an easy way to do that. to count and time the fault i used a calculation query. thanks

If you download the Alarm Analysis template from the cloud templates you can see the queries they use.
One of them is Alarm frequency.

the alarm analyses works in the normal window but i’m working report. so it’s a different i think.

Not really, you need to look at the queries and how they are coded.
Then you can adapt the queries and use them in your report as a datasource.

i am not really good with the program, and i don’t understand what is written there.
What i use now is the "tag calculation query’ to count how many times the fault was active.
i don’t know how i can link the query from Alarm frequency to that.