Frequent Client Updates shown - 7.9.10

Our Clients every time they login are seeing frequent updates. When they click to download the update, it runs successfully but through the day they again see that an update is available for download on the yellow bar at the top of the application window. This is happening even when no one is doing any Publish to the project that they are running. My question is:

  1. Is there any known bug in 7.9.10 that can cause this behavior?
  2. Will a publish to any other project cause our running project to show that an update is available?
  3. Is there a way to trace via a log as to what was published that caused this client update?

If someone is editing shared scripts, all projects must update. Only the most thoroughly tested and widely useful scripts should be placed in the shared.* namespace, and then only with facility-wide coordination. (Ignition v8 fixes most of this very nicely, btw.)

Ok, that I agree. So tell me if our project is not using any of the shared scripts, still should it see any update? As we have all our scripts under our project. is there a way to have a trace log of gateway? or can we check if a released update is actually applied to a client?

It doesn’t matter if the one project uses no shared scripts – the script manager can’t tell that. If any designer saves global resources, all projects will update.

See if the audit system gives you what you need: