Frequent network disconnections because of Designer

Hi guys, quick one:

Since day one we had issues installing Ignition through our corporate barriers (Java, antivirus, defender, etc); now that's in the past, but I've noticed the Designer generates frequent network interruptions. Can't tell the exact conditions that trigger it, but I'm 100% sure it's because of the Designer.

My entire network connection fails during a few seconds, I get the "Connection lost/restablished" popup, but my laptop continues working fine (so has nothing to do with computer resources). After the connection is restablished, my Desginer behaves weird (screen resolution is off, can't drag items, some clicks do not respond, etc) and I have to reload my project to get over it. This happens sort of in clusters, 3 interruptions over 30 minutes, twice or three times a day...but no clear pattern.

I'm attaching a snapshopt from the moment and the Desginer log for one of those events, in case anyone can tell something from it, or simply went through simialr issues.

I'm in 8.1.16 and can't upgrade version just yet, but we are planning to do later in the year.


log_connection_lost_Ignition.txt (3.6 KB)

Nope, still your network.

Ignition uses websockets that live for an extended time. Some firewall products have been reported to arbitrarily cut those off after some time.