Fresh 7.08 install will not start

I just done a fresh install of 7.08 on our new server that we plan to use for production. When trying to start ignition I get the following error message:

Starting Ignition Gateway…eval: 1: /usr/local/bin/ignition/./ignition-gateway: not found

It is running on Ubuntu 9.10 ( 64 bit server edition)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. We have our testing server running this download (7.08) with no trouble, but we have been updating this one all along. Is it something in the install script? Looks like there an extra “/./” in that line.

Just thought of this while reading this post. I did not install apache on the server.

Ok, feel better don’t look like its needed. I am back to puzzled…

Does the ignition-gateway file exist? And if so, do you have the permissions setup correctly?chmod +x chmod +x ignition-gateway

I’m willing to bet you are running 64-bit linux and downloaded the 32-bit Ignition package. Or vice-versa.

Also: were you the one on the phone just now? :wink:


Thanks for your help on the phone :thumb_left:

Yep that was it.