From Tag event Can't I to read Client Tag Value?

I created Memory Tag and in this Tag’s events I want to read Client Tag’s Value.But the Client Tag Value i gotton is null.
And also can’t lunch pop windows like 'messageBox 'in Tag Events?
I have a project and i want this project to run according to sequence and also can produce log in ignition Server.
So I create a Memory Tag to record orders.
if the Memory Tag’s value is ‘1’ i will login
and if it is ‘2’ i will send data.

Insure that the path to the client tag in is correct.

Tag events can not interact with the UI so doing things like opening popup windows is not possible. You will need to do those types of operations from a window object action, such as a push button being pressed.

Is the memory tag a global gateway memory tag? If so it can’t read client tags, its out of scope. Say you had 100 clients running at once, how would it know which one to read?

If it is a fellow client tag, then follow @lrose suggestions and make sure the path is right along with the other considerations he noted. You may be better off with a message handler.


Short answer: No, you cannot.

OK, thanks a lot