fromMillis Error

I have a datetime value from sql server and I’m using the fromMillis() function. It’s throwing an error saying the value passed into the function is not a long type. I do a return type(value) transform on binding and it says PyLong is the type.

Anyone know the problem?

A PyLong is really a java BigInteger type, under the hood. Some (usually older) JDBC drivers don’t map this correctly. See if there is a newer JDBC driver available for your database.

Maybe try to force a type casting on your value : fromMillis(toDouble(value))

I’ve updated the JDBC driver and tried the toDouble and still the same error.

Can you post a screenshot of your binding/transform setup? There’s some potential avenues to see what’s going on here.

expression transform


The property binding is on a custom property key from a json named query binding. The database is MSSQL and the column type is datetime

Why don’t you use the Format transform: