Front Facing Camera

We are building some user/facility management apps with perspective and want to use the front facing camera to do barcode scanning and take pictures (iPad mounted in a fixed stand).

There are two issues with this, first is it doesn’t seem the barcode scanning action in iOS allows for using the front camera.

Second, the ability to take a photo is resulting in a poor user experience as it seems the only current to do this is with the file upload component, then instructing the user to click “take photo” , then switch to the front camera. While that works for regular users, we wanted visitors to self-register and for that group its not so nice. (Previous idea for this here:

The experience of the native apps barcode scanner with the camera is great. It would be awesome if there could be an additional option to configure the event to use the front or rear camera or allow the user to switch. Perhaps this could be passed in the action context? Also extending this object (or cloning it) to return the image taken rather than the barcode would solve the above experience with taking photos. Anything like this on the horizon?

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I agree with the requested ability to select which camera to use for the Scanner function.
Maybe even an “external” camera? If the user needs to install kind of an scan station with a fixed camera.