FSQL 4.2.10 Block Group

I have a block group setup and I am not sure why this is occuring but thought I would post here and see if there is something I can do to keep the problem from occuring.

In the block group I have the wildcard ? specified and in the range I have 1 thru 99 listed. However not all devices are online at anyone point in time. Some report back as NULL and some as E_FAIL. The rest report back as they should.

Now if I place a checkmark in the trigger on ASYNC, the rows, in the database where this block group is writing to, which are NULL or E_FAIL keep updating. Its almost like FSQL thinks that NULLS or E_FAIL are a continuing to change data.

Is this because KEPSERVER keeps trying to re-establish connection to the device so FSQL thinks that the data is changing so it would keep writing to the table in SQL?

By the way just so you know we are using MicroSoft SQL 2005.

Thanks and have a great day.