FSQL & DB to FPMI Status Diagnostics

I have ran into problems where the groups stop logging (normally due to operator error) and where the database job services stop (note: I am using SQL Server). I am looking to create a diagnostics screen in FPMI that shows that the Job services in the DB and the groups in FSQL are running and to alert when they are stopped.

Thanks in advance.

Groups stopping due to operator error? You mean they’re going into FactorySQL and stopping them? That seems a bit strange…

At any rate, the idea of monitoring running groups does come up from time to time, and unfortunately there isn’t a great built-in way right now. One thing you could do would be to create a table that had the group name and a heartbeat timestamp that indicated the last execution. Then, add an run-always action item that executed an “update” query against that table, setting the timestamp to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for that group.

Then you could just query the difference between now and the timestamp to see when the group last executed. Anything over a certain limit could be flagged.

Hope this helps,