FSQL errors

I have been in contact with Travis about this and he told me to increase my scan time from 5mS to 1S on the groups whose scan time was 5mS. I did this and a couple of things happened.

First in the service statisics window my group eff. went upto 66.67% so that is better than it was.

Second I think the time is better but being time is so virtual and not the easiest to measure I can not be sure.

However it still did not fix the problem with the overload errors. I have tried increasing the time more, I have tried started the groups individually, but nothing seems to take away this error. And sometime a group will get multiple of these errors before it goes green and starts working properly. Here is the information presented when I click on the error message.

Error Writing to DB: Overload Resolution Failed because No Public ‘Round’ can be called without a narrowing conversion: 'Public Shared Function Round ('d as Decimal, decimals as integer) as Decimal: Argument matching parameter ‘d’ narrows from Boolean to Decimal: ‘Public Shared Function Round (d as decimal, mode as system.midpoint rounding) as Decimal: Argument matching parameters ‘d’ narrows from Boolean to Decimal: Argument Matching parameters ’ mode’ narrows from Integer to MidPointRounding. And the list goes on for a few other items.

Then I get the group execution aborted. So is this a significant error? What can be done to eliminate it? It does not seem to happen all the time.

If the error only occurs when your group starts, and then the group runs correctly afterwards, then it’s not a problem. I would hazard a guess that your running the group against a table that already existed or that you created manually, and the data type of a column is not a type that FSQL expects. This happens in a number of cases that FactorySQL knows how to account for- so after the first error it adjusts and works correctly.

If this is way off then let me know. But all said and done, this isn’t a serious error if it’s not affecting the group after the start.

I wanted to post a message here because we found out what was causing the errors to occur during start up. When I created the table in SQL using Manager I had planned out that some of the information was going to be of a boolean nature. So for the SQL table I made that column a bit, but for some reason FSQL did not like it being called a bit, once I changed the column from bit to int the error went away and has not come back. SO my guess is if you get this data over load error it might be caused by just such an issue.

Have a great day.

Hey, just to clear some things up, the term “overload” in the context of that error message doesn’t mean what you’re thinking it means. You’re probably thinking it means that something is overloaded, as in, overburdened, or excessive workload.

In software, the term “overload” can also mean having one function that takes multiple types of inputs. Thats what is being referred to here. You can tell because the error message talks about “overload resolution” and converting types. So, it makes sense that the cause of the problem was a typing issue.

More info here: en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Computer_p … verloading

Hope this helps,