FSQL Legacy Upgrade

This is not holding me back but I wanted to let you know about this.

I encountered this while attempting to upgrade from FSQL. On the “Select Impport Items” screen, mapping a legacy database connection to an ignition connection I had two connections I unchecked. When I clicked continue it gave me two errors that stated:[quote]Field ‘mappedName’ is requried
Field ‘mappedName’ is requried[/quote]The only way for me to continue was to map the connections anyway even though they were not used.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it.


I am also trying to upgrade. I get the same error message. I guess I am suppose to select something from the map to list, but the only option in the drop down is “choose one”. There is nothing to choose from. I can not get past this. I am stuck.

I did find a work around, I just did not include any of the database connections in the upgrade. I am making those manually.