Do you have any plans to port FSQL to Windows CE for use with SQL Server CE?


Essentially, no, we don’t have any plans to port FSQL over to the compact .net framework (which is what would be required to get it to work on CE). Is there a particular setup/situation you’re trying to accomplish? It’s very rare that CE comes up, except for the occasional CE based opc server, so I’m just curious what your particular aim is. Maybe with some more details we could come up with a workable solution.


As I understand your model for deployment, FSQL will be installed on a PC in the field near PLC data sources, will synch with a database when there is a connection and will buffer data when there is no connection. We have many applications where there are only or a few PLCs and no PC. However, there is often a WinCE based operator interface device.

Ergo, we want to use an that WinCE device as our data collection, buffering and transmittal device. We imagine that we can do the buffering in SQL Server CE, but understand that there is some coding (maybe a lot) to get the data into that database, control the synchronization on re-connection, etc. FSQL already does all that. Hence the question.

Yeah, that makes sense. Unfortunately, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. FSQL should work on XP embedded (which some of the newer systems are using) but I don’t see CE support happening.

Sorry about that,