FSQL Redundancy Setup

I went through the FSQL User Manual -> Redundancy -> Getting Started procedure to enable redundancy on the first server. On the status bar it says connected to redundant master at the bottom so it looks like all is good.
However, I dont know how to proceed to get the second server connected. I would assume that it would say connected to the redundant master or something similar on the status bar.
What am I missing?


With Bobby’s help at tech support, we got this issue solved. On the second server, under Data Connection settings in FSQL. We added a connection to the master database and then enabled redundancy. Once I clicked ok, the option came up to connect to master and the project loaded.

To confirm this, I went to connection -> system status -> Redundancy and there I can see both nodes in the status table.

However I am noticing now that I can only be connected to the project on a single server through the frontend at a time. I am guessing this is expected?

I’m glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Frontend can only connect to one service at a time. This generally isn’t an issue because most people can just remote into the other server and open that FactorySQL Frontend. Why do you want to see both projects at the same time?