FTP .xls into ignition

A machine generates .xls files and has native ftp.
What options are there for getting this data into ignition?

Have you considered using a script to pull file via ftp to machine and then handle as usual?

Fivecents, could you clarify what exactly you mean by getting the Excel file data into Ignition?

If you are looking to read the file data and display it in a Table component, then the relevant part will be not so much FTP as reading the file (in a script, as SMG pointed out).
That said, having the file on the same server as Ignition will help (in that you will not have to deal with drive mapping), so you could use machine’s native FTP to deposit the file to Ignition’s machine.

I will try to clarify goal.I have been tasked with moving data from machine that currently only exist as machine generated .xls into ignition user interface.
The data consist of throughput, abnormal events etc…
That being said I lack deep and even shallow knowledge in this area.

In prior applications we get data into ignition 1 of 2 ways.

  1. OPC UA server(s)
  2. Inherent ignition ab drivers.
    Once data in from 1 of 2 places above drag and drop, enable history , add to user interface etc…
    My 2 known methods above will not work with .xls.

Could you recommend a way I go about learning how to work with data(scripting) that only exist as .xls?

Hi fivecents,

You can read the .xls files into Ignition by using the PA Office Documents Module.

This module imports a third-party Java library called Apache POI into Ignition that allows you to read and write excel and other Microsoft files from Ignition. I recommend you download and install this module and look at the example script in the module documentation.

Contact me for more information.